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Where Landscaping Meets Lighting
Custom home construction eventually led me into my passion and career of landscape design. My name is Bob McCusker and for most of my life, I have been working outdoors. My nine siblings and I grew up on 20 acres that was originally a part of an old apple farm. It was while I was in college at West Chester that I started to venture into landscaping. For the last 10 years, you’ve known me as the owner/operator of Cider Mill Landscapes. This spring, I am excited to announce our expansion: the addition of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley to our family business!

A Natural FitGarnet Hill Stunning Waterlilies
Plantings and hardscapes with beautiful outdoor lighting magically alter at night . For me, a high point in landscape design is the ability to create places of unexpected ambiance for a family. Softly lighting the background not only enhances, but also visually expands your outdoor spaces in the evening. You can create this subtle elegance in a number of ways: using tree lighting, stone wall lighting, or even fence lighting. By bringing Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley to places like Wilmington, Garnet Valley, Media, and Mainline, PA, we’ve simply extended our team’s high-level of integrity and quality workmanship. This now includes the absolute best in innovative LED outdoor lighting. One of the things that sets us apart are our free consultations. We do not believe in “cookie cutter” solutions for any of our outdoor projects. We like to show you what our lights look like at your particular home.

Surrounded in Lights
Have you ever wondered what your home would look like surrounded in lights? Or wished to have your landscape transformed after the sun has set with the soft glow of light ? You can experience that through a nighttime demonstration. During this special preview, we can adjust and tweak specific outdoor lighting spaces. We provide this nighttime demonstration before any installation begins. This takes away so much worry, on your part, about envisioning the finished project. Conversely, it helps us know exactly how to sculpt your outdoor vision into a reality. This level of care and commitment in Garnet Valley PA outdoor lighting is truly what sets us apart.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley offers unsurpassed design, installation and service for all your outdoor, pool, architectural façade, landscape, path, deck, patio, and garden lighting. We service all of Wilmington DE outdoor lighting needs, both commercial and residential. See your home or business transformed with lights through our professional, energy-efficient LED lighting installations and retrofits. Call us today at (Delaware) 302.588.7050 or (Pennsylvania) 610-874-6630 or email us at to discuss how to enhance your outdoor landscape lighting

Bob McCusker is the owner of both Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley and Cider Mill Landscapes.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley is a sister company of Cider Mills Landscaping.

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