Our LED’s Offer Warm Natural Color with Lots of Benefits to the Environment and Your Wallet!

When LED’s first emerged onto the landscaping lighting market years ago, you might remember the “hue of blue” they cast, which was quite harsh and unnatural looking. It lacked the warmth that incandescent and halogen bulbs sported and many customers were not impressed despite the energy-efficiency they heralded. Today, LED’s are dramatically different and can sport a cool or a warm tone depending on your preference.

Our LED's come in warm and cool hues, the choice is all yours!

Our LED’s come in warm and cool hues, the choice is all yours!

Our LED’s are not the same as those cheap ones from big box stores, and we have worked hard in the last decade to improve the quality and color of our LED’s to be far more natural than ever before. We use the Kelvin scale to measure how “warm” or “cool” light looks to the eye in regard to color temperature, and this helps us figure out exactly what our customers want. We can also match the hue of your LED landscape lighting to match those found within your home, or in rhythm with any pre-existing outdoor lighting you wish to retain. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley, we keep it simple by letting you decide which hue of white you prefer: warm, natural, or cool. Warm white tends to have a cozier vibe, and cool white highlights objects in the night to make them stand out and define them with great detail. Natural white falls somewhere in the middle of the two, and provides a middle ground.

Backyard-pergola-lightingIf you are still using an old school halogen landscape lighting system, we can either give you a whole new LED system so you can take advantage of all the benefits it offers, or we can even convert your existing fixtures to LED if you are on a tight budget and are happy with what you’ve currently got.  Believe it or not, in the next decade nearly 75% of households will be using LED lighting indoors and out!

Take advantage of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley’s high quality LED lighting fixtures that feature all metal construction and the highest grade wiring available on the market today. We’ve got many styles to choose from that will fit whatever design you are after—traditional, contemporary or modern.  Here are some great facts you can’t ignore when it comes to LED’s versus halogen technology:LED versus Halogen infographic

  • LED’s are longer lasting! You get 40-50,000 hours out of an LED versus only 3,000-4,000 for halogens. They last 10 times longer overall!
  • You can use a smaller transformer and a lot less wire when you choose to go LED
  • A 6-Watt LED gives you the output capacity  equivalent to a 35-watt halogen. Imagine the cost savings each month! This means that an average sized LED system running 365 per year costs a lot less to run when compared to a halogen one. You get about an 80% energy savings! It truly is a no-brainer to switch to LED technology.

Forget about those frequently burned out halogen bulbs that have to be replaced annually! No more fighting through your foliage to insert tiny bulbs into every fixture with hard to remove lens covers! Since you get a much longer life expectancy out of an LED, your maintenance for annoying tasks such as bulb changes is minimized.  And, yes, our LED bulbs CAN be changed out should one fail to light! LED fixtures are cool to the touch so no one risks a burn by simply brushing against them either. As you can see, there’s plenty to love about switching to LED landscape lighting! Get on the LED bandwagon before it costs you money not to make the change! Don’t be the only house left on the block with antiquated halogens that are not environmentally or wallet friendly over the long run!

Bob McCusker, owner

Bob McCusker is the owner of both Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley and Cider Mill Landscapes.

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