Pool and Water Feature Lighting Makes the Evening Glow

Pergola inspired Wilmington Columned Pool LightingWe love pool and water feature projects at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley because they pose an interesting challenge beyond traditional landscape lighting. Capturing moving water in the right light is not the kind of task your gardener or even the average homeowner can handle. It requires the expertise of a lighting designer that knows how to add dimension so that it doesn’t appear flat or boring.

Whether it’s a water fountain, pool, koi pond or a waterfall—we can illuminate these features in an impressive way that will wow guests. We create a whole scene around your watery oasis that brings a peacefulness that can be savored day or night. We customize a lighting scheme that is specific to your needs and lifestyle so that you can maximize the use of these areas to the fullest. Obviously, enjoying the pool is an impossibility without good landscape lighting. Why should you not delight in an evening swim after a rough day at work or a pool gathering with friends on the weekends? The party doesn’t need to stop simply because the sun has gone down thanks to illumination that keeps the festivities going all night long.

Media PA Koi Pond lighting

Most homeowners come to us seeking a visually pleasing look for their pool, pond or spa, but we often surprise them by telling them that they will be getting the added benefit of safety as a bonus. Guests can securely walk around your pool deck, lanai and patio if it’s easy to see without the risk of falling into the water or tripping. You can tell exactly who is in the water and what they are doping at all times which brings peace of mind to any homeowner. Skilled lighting stylists take a dramatic flair to brighten your water feature and they pull in the nearby areas so that you have a unified design that feels elegantly planned without looking dull. You can go for a tranquil and quiet mood, or a jazzy modern vibe that is filled with energy with your lighting. We can fulfill your dreams when it comes to style and feel that you are trying to capture in your backyard retreat.

Nightime demo in Newtown Square

Image from nighttime demonstration for clients in Newtown Square.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley has been partnering with a homeowner in Newtown Square, PA, home in Mainline that is part of a multi-phase project. We are starting off by illuminating the elegant and massively tall, white wall that is a backdrop for the family pool. Our goal is to not have it look harsh and imposing, but rather soften it by washing it with light and all the surround foliage and trees. It will soon have a magical moonlit feel that envelops the pool and brings a sense of serenity. We recently scheduled a nighttime demonstration at the property so the homeowners’ could see the design in “real-time”. The clients were so impressed with the results of the demo they have asked us to design a similar treatment to their back patio and other connected areas as well. When it’s complete, the entire pool area and surrounding areas will have a spectacular and cohesive look. Stay tuned for completed images of this stunning property…

Image from nightime demonstration for clients in Newtown Square.

Image from nighttime demonstration for clients in Newtown Square.

We will help you garner an arresting effect that is sure to captivate your visitors by throwing light up into your tree canopies, behind your waterfall and make the water’s surface appear to dance with movement. We can cascade café lighting across the large expanse of your pool patio and make your spa/hot tub a romantic getaway spot to enjoy with your love. We can help you think out of the box when it comes to highlighting these special areas for the best nighttime effect. Even if it’s a rainy day, we can guarantee that the view to your pool, fountain or pond will be a grand one even from the indoors.

Media PA water feature lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley serves the Wilmington, Media, Garnet Valley and Mainline areas Pennsylvania, and Wilmington Delaware. Call us for a free demonstration at 302.588.7050 (Delaware) or 610.874.6630 (Pennsylvania). You can also send us an email at Delaware.Valley@Outdoorlights.com.  Additionally, you can also give our sister company, Cider Mill Landscapes, a call at 484.574.4666 or visit their website at http://www.cidermilllandscapes.com to discuss your landscape plans, too!

Bob McCusker, owner

Bob McCusker is the owner of both Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley and Cider Mill Landscapes.