Spring is just around the corner and NOW is the time to be thinking about enhancing your outdoor landscape lighting

Spring is just around the corner and NOW is the time to be thinking about enhancing your outdoor landscape lightingSpring is just around the corner and NOW is the time to be thinking about enhancing your outdoor landscape lighting. Many of our customers are busy with plans to remodel their backyard oasis by adding a new deck or patio, putting in a pool, or including a special feature such as a gazebo or water fountain. Be sure to include a lighting plan around these new embellishments to your property so that they stand out in the night sky.

Media PA pathway and tree lightingWhen working with your architect, landscaper or builder, be sure to give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley a call at the very same time so we can talk to your contractor early in the process. This helps us all work together to consider your lighting plan upfront which can save you lots of money in the end and avoid you having to dig around work that has been completed later. We can lay ground wire and sleeves under the ground and under your hardscapes in advance so nothing has to be disturbed or changed at a later time. Put your lights exactly where you want them instead of having to work around existing structures later on, so your outdoor lighting installation is super easy and carefree.

Outdoor lighting is all we do and we do it best!

If you are a considering a landscape, outdoor living space, hardscape addition and outdoor lighting plan and want to use just ONE company in the Delaware Valley area, give our sister company Cider Mill Landscapes a call as they can fully design, schedule and implement the entire project right down to the lighting. It doesn’t matter what you want to build, what kind of trees or plants you want to put in and more. If you can dream it up, Cider Mill can get it done! And best of all, you will use just ONE contractor to do it all without having to corral a whole army of them with each one doing a specific thing. You can avoid scheduling nightmares, miscommunications and issues that can arise from using multiple vendors for a single project. We come in after all the work has been done and light up the final result to showcase it all.

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With spring comes the chance to enhance your existing lighting that’s already in place to take advantage of the coming warmer weather and all the impending outdoor entertainment that’s on its way. If the front of your home and entryway are lit up only, you are missing out on a grand evening experience that can keep the backyard fun going as long as you want. We can illuminate the outer reaches of your property to give the whole area a glimmering feel and plenty of ambiance. Why cut short an evening gathering because it’s too dark to see to grill, eat or even get around safely? Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley can keep the entertainers outdoors thanks to beautiful lighting that adds plenty of character and personality, yet is practical and safe.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley

Don’t wait until spring to begin your lighting project as our schedule fills up quickly! Sit down with one our designers so we can show you ideas that will change the way you live outdoors.

Bob McCusker, owner

Bob McCusker is the owner of both Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley and Cider Mill Landscapes.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley serves the Media, Garnet Valley and Mainline areas Pennsylvania, and Wilmington Delaware. Call us for a free demonstration at 302.588.7050 (Delaware) or 610.874.6630 (Pennsylvania). You can also send us an email at Delaware.Valley@Outdoorlights.com.  Additionally, you can also give our sister company, Cider Mill Landscapes, a call at 484.574.4666 or visit their website at http://www.cidermilllandscapes.com to discuss your landscape plans, too!