Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley Promises Four Seasons of Beauty and Added Function!

Our outdoor lighting enlivens every season!

Our outdoor lighting enlivens every season!

It continually stumps us why most customers think of outdoor lighting in terms of spring and summer, but often forget that evening lighting brings a benefit to every season—including winter. When the nights are the darkest in autumn and winter, landscape lighting becomes even more desirable because of minimized visibility due to longer evenings that creep up on us earlier in the day. Simple tasks like traversing your drivewayto check the mail, walking the dog down your front steps and walkways, or taking out the trash are done much easier when there is a solid ability to see.

deck lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives

Deck lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives.

There is no reason to quit using the barbecue on your patio or deck in winter when Outdoor Lighting of Delaware Valley installs all important task lighting so that you can tackle the job of flipping those burgers to ensure they are ready and done. You can even enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with your love sitting at your outdoor fireplace that is lit up in the darkness of night thanks to integrated lighting in your custom hardscape that creates a terrific romantic mood. Grab that blanket and snuggle up as you survey the cast of warm light draped around your backyard for a magical nighttime experience. The kids will love trying their hand out at roasting some marshmallows at the fire pit for an evening filled with laughter and memories.

 winter outdoor lightingEven if there is snow on the ground, outdoor lighting takes on an otherworldly effect that looks incredible while you are nestled inside your home. Your landscape will look like a winter wonderland postcard as you gaze out your picture window onto the trees wrapped in snow. Of course, Mother Nature is always boss and in some cases you may have to remove the snow from around your fixtures if it is piled too deep– or simply wait for the illumination to melt it away with its warm glow. LED bulbs will not burn it off as quickly as halogens will, however the snow will eventually dissipate and you will have a gorgeous ethereal radiance that is created right in the snow and ice.

tree lighting in WinterThere truly is nothing more beautiful than your trees and garden in the winter bathed in a gorgeous aura of focused illumination. Even bare branches can take on a stunning haunting look as they uplit from below for a dreamlike  effect. You simply cannot imagine the vibrancy that customized landscape lighting can add to a winter garden that can give your home a warm an inviting look in the depths of the darkest months.

Wintertime is also the ideal time to stay on schedule with regular maintenance so that your landscape lighting system is in good working order. Most importantly, in case there is a significant snowstorm that affects your outdoor lighting, snow damage IS covered in our warranty and will be repaired. It’s truly a no-brainer to partner with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley.

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Bob McCusker, owner

Bob McCusker is the owner of both Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley and Cider Mill Landscapes.

Do not wait for spring to light up the night. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley show you how we can add winter flair to brighten up your outdoors! We service the Wilmington, Media, Garnet Valley and Mainline areas Pennsylvania, and Wilmington Delaware. Call us for a free demonstration at 302.588.7050 (Delaware) or 610.874.6630 (Pennsylvania). You can also send us an email at Delaware.Valley@Outdoorlights.com