Our Evening Outdoor Lighting Demonstration Brings the Vision to Life!

outdoor-lighting-perspectives-of-Delaware Valley-led-outdoor-lightingYou will undoubtedly find plenty of companies interested in shoving some fixtures in the ground and calling it outdoor lighting and then walking away after you’ve handed them a check. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley has a very different and far more professional approach. First, you will sit down with a trained lighting designer that will listen to your needs and help you achieve your outdoor illumination goals. We figure out how you live and play outdoors, factor in your budget and design a truly custom outdoor lighting scheme just for you!

Beautiful home and landscape before an evening demonstration:

Beautiful home and landscape before an evening demonstration:

Most importantly, we are able to offer you a night time demonstration so that you can see the different options available and how each fixture has a unique effect in your outdoor landscape. You wouldn’t invest in purchasing a car without a test drive would you — of course not!

If you’re wondering how we do all this, we simply use battery operated versions of our fixtures so you can get a flavor for the overall look and feel that can be achieved. It helps us to work together to determine what it will take to get your vision to come to life and assists us in tweaking and customizing the exact look you are after.

Same home as pictured above with outdoor lighting:

Same home as pictured above with outdoor lighting:

An evening demonstration allows you to see EXACTLY what the final result will be and we can adjust the design we exceed your outdoor lighting expectations BEFORE they are installed. There is no guessing, frustration or regrets. What you see is what you will get and that’s a very good thing when it comes to your wallet. You can make changes and additions prior to spending a dime on anything so you can ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Evening Demo

Before and during an evening demonstration:

All our fixtures are made in America of hard-wearing metal with no plastic parts like those cheap overseas versions. Ours won’t just last a season or two, they will last for years! We back everything we install and offer a FREE one year repair and maintenance plan with every system we put in—after that you can extend the plan for a reasonable fee that will ensure everything is always working as it should.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley is the only company that offers you an evening demonstration so you can see exactly what will be the outcome. This temporary experience gives you a real chance to check out exactly what we can do for you so there are no surprises later. When we come back and do the actual install, you will know exactly what you are getting and feel comfortable that you will be satisfied. If you’d like to expand your system later on, we can come back and add to it when your budget and lifestyle allows. We can show you how up lighting, down lighting, path lights and a whole bunch if variations will look without any commitment on your part. You get to try it before you buy it!

Bob McCusker, owner

Bob McCusker is the owner of both Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley and Cider Mill Landscapes.

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Delaware Valley show you what we can do with a night-time lighting demo. Let us impress you before you buy! We service the Wilmington, Media, Garnet Valley and Mainline areas Pennsylvania, and Wilmington Delaware. Call us for a free demonstration at 302.588.7050 (Delaware) or 610.874.6630(Pennsylvania). You can also send us an email at Delaware.Valley@Outdoorlights.com.